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The Yoko Kanno Project - Escaflowne, Original Soundtrack #3
The Yoko Kanno Project The Yoko Kanno Project

 Asian Kung-Fu Generation FLASH BACK!

Disc Info:
Escaflowne, Original Soundtrack #3
Catalog Number: VICL-733
Escaflowne, Original Soundtrack #3
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01. Short Notice
02. Arcadia
03. Epistle
04. Farewell
05. Aoi Hitomi (lyrics)
06. Perfect World (lyrics)
07. I Recommend Instincts (lyrics)
08. Scrappy
09. Shrilly
10. Revenge
11. Illusion
12. Blaze
13. Fatal
14. Hikari No Naka E (Into the Light) (lyrics)
15. Again


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