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The Yoko Kanno Project - Honey and Clover Original Soundtrack
The Yoko Kanno Project The Yoko Kanno Project

 Asian Kung-Fu Generation FLASH BACK!

Disc Info:
Honey and Clover Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number: UPCH-1503
Honey and Clover Original Soundtrack
01. Koi Ni Ochiru Oto
02. Scooters
03. Colors in Bloom
04. Kageki Warii sanonara furusato no ieyo
05. Art-school-hood
06. Circle line
07. So much more to say
08. Going to the Sea
09. Umi to Maho to Bokura no Hibi
10. Solus
11. Atednoaki Tabi
12. Back in the moment
13. Love is Glowing
14. Maho no Kotoba (instrumental version Don't Worry About the Candy)
15. You
16. Aki Mafuraa Hamabidaiura Syoutengai
17. Sekai no Morotia
18. Crybaby


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