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The Yoko Kanno Project - Napple Tale OST 1 - Yosei Zukan
The Yoko Kanno Project The Yoko Kanno Project

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Disc Info:
Napple Tale OST 1 - Yosei Zukan
Catalog Number: MJCG-80042
Napple Tale OST 1 - Yosei Zukan
01. Dove Clock
02. Tail Song (lyrics)
03. Flower of Yesterday's
04. Chocolate Forest
05. Jumping Cracker
06. Delightful Arithmetic
07. The Snow Princess
08. A Stroll
09. Balsam
10. Snowball
11. Tree of Church
12. Egg
13. Rain Waltz
14. Cecil's Garden
15. Skipper
16. Dual Tango
17. Toy Train
18. Gatena Toyshop
19. Pooch
20. Round Sheep
21. Little Black Book
22. Green Wings (lyrics)
23. 13 Ice Cream


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Related Information:
CD Japan ( ) provides this description for the disc:

"The soundtrack to Dreamcast game ''Napple Tale'' (which comes out on Sept. 28, 2000) was produced by Yoko Kanno. This CD also includes the OP theme song performed by Maaya Sakamoto, along with the theme songs for the fairies. "

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